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As a photographer, I love playing with new lights that can change the look and feel and my portraits. When you finish reading this guide you will understand everything you need to achieve professional-looking makeup photography and video. If you found a BTS or cool videos about photography uploaded last 24 hours, send us. Hollywood's golden era of glamorous studio portraits, for instance, relied on the butterfly lighting pattern to accent the positives and eliminate the negatives of a cavalcade of actresses.

The best shooting environment is one in which you have as much control over lighting as possible. A box backlighting setup won't work with more detailed products because it's used, in part, to overexpose detail. For those who are looking to really up-level their food photography and have a few lenses in their kit, take it up a notch by shooting with a tilt-shift lens.

Vivitar DR-6000 Digital LED Macro Ring Light ($49; ). 12 LEDs; 5600K; fits 52 to 67mm filter threads. While many won't crank their ISOs up above 400 or even 200 when using these, some folks might go up to 800 or 1600 because of the fact that speedlites and other hot shoe flashes are typically weaker than monolights and battery pack strobes.

By not applying the lighting style to the entire image, you keep the quality and the mood of the image. There's a list of Tony's camera gear below, and you should definitely take some time to view Tony's other videos which tend to be very technical, introspective, and readily applicable in content.

Most of these items I found lying around the house with exception of the LED lights and the cardboard. The following are my choices for the best macro lighting tools out there right now. If you have an adequate set of lights (we'll get into what qualifies as adequate shortly), it's best to avoid natural light due to its volatile nature.

Whether you're doing photography or video, it's a good idea to scout your location ahead of time. Speedlights are faster and more powerful than your camera's built-in flash, and they can be used with umbrellas and softboxes to create dispersed light. To create lens flare, shoot into the sun and experiment with holding the camera at slightly different angles to the sun until the flare appears where you want it.

Finally, if your subject can be moved, it's also worth looking out for a shady or partially shady spot when you're shooting in bright sunlight. Since it is in line with the lens, this flash head lights what the lens sees. The type of lighting for YouTube beauty videos that most makeup artists use is really affordable.

Like the MirMir, some of the ring lights even come with an attached mirror so that when you're filming or shooting a makeup tutorial you can actually see what's going on with your face. Many people know this about iamrmitsharma the ring lights, but they don't know that with its help, they can actually remove the hard shadows from the subject's background making the pictures look more lively and vivid.

The newcomers to the world of YouTube video production are going to love using these lights. Easy to setup: Ring lights can be setup in almost under 1 minute which is almost nothing when compared to umbrella lights, LED panels lights or soft boxes. Backlighting is ideal for shooting clear or colored glass like bottles, wine glasses, or decorative glassware.

A few have battery packs contained right in the same unit as the bulbs, and one type of lens developed for medical photography even has the ring lighting built into the lens, but these are less common than flashes with hot shoe connectors or battery packs.

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